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I Didn't Like It

For me it was a waste of .99¢. The description doesn't properly explain what the app is for.

Oy there mate!

Your best friend for a trip to the UK (or for those of you who like to watch Britcoms or have a best buddy who's english) . Remember that this app is 4+ so it doesn't include a lot of profanity. :)

Half baked idea

This app would be perfect if it pronounced the translation... It really is useless otherwise.


It does not speak the translation. A complete waste of 99 cents, I want a refund and you will too.

I am an anglophile and I am very proud of it

I would suggest this for any anglophile with an iPad


I like it. Just copied and pasted an email to translate, was super funny. Very fun.


Lets start it wasn't the best but I sometimes enjoy it


This app is not as great as I thought it would be. Too bad...


I bought this app thinkin it had audio to hear the pronounciations but it doesn't. If there's an update with audio, it would be great, otherwise, don't get this app

Not that great 

Would be nice if you could actually hear the pronouncation rather than scampering through trying to read the translations.


If it was free it would b better

Jumpin Jollies

Hey british peeps, this app does a charm for ya. Great job on the cockney guys. Like the graphics too. Way to represent the Big B, thought that was cool.

Speakity Speak speak

Yeah, i love these speakin applications. British, has to be one of the best. If you haven't tried one of these applications, its definitely worth a look. Its not perfect but for what it does, it can make for a good laugh between friends. I can't wait for the iPhone 3.0 software to come out so i can copy the translations into text messages. Nevertheless, I think its nice that you can separate the cockney dialect out if you don't want it. Some times people just don't know what your saying at all.

Luv it!

I like being able to add cockney translations, makes for some pretty funny messages!

Very Fun App!

Now I can speak with my friends in London, and they know what I am trying to say! A+ App!

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